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30th Annual Boston July Conference

30th Annual Boston July Conference   تَقَدَّسُوا لِأَنَّ ٱلرَّبَّ يَعْمَلُ غَدًا فِي وَسَطِكُمْ عَجَائِبَ يشوع 3: 6   Speakers: Rev. Sameh Maurice, and Dr. Maher Samuel Worship: Br. Hany Romany Dates:  July 3-6, 2014 New Location:   Radisson Hotel Nashua                   11 Tara Blvd, Nashua, NH 03062 We…


Are you ready for a new relationship?

Are you connected with others at church? Without building relationships, it’s hard to live your faith alone. Join a small group (a group of 8-12 people that meet weekly and study a certain topic), or join a fun event where you’ll get to meet new people and have fun socially, or join a ministry team…

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